Electricity For Indonesia

From nature, managed to be a resource for the common welfare

PT Mega Energi Hidro Indonesia

Renewable Energy Specialist

Geothermal, hydropower, solar energy & wind power.


Indonesia 's geothermal energy potential reach 28,000 MW spread across 265 locations


The potential energy of water in Indonesia reached 76 670 MW spread across the archipelago


The potential of solar energy tropical Indonesia reached 560,000 GW


The potential of wind power in Indonesia reached 9,200 MW

Kontraktor PLTMH Jakarta

Micro hydro power plant (MHP) , is a small-scale power plants that use hydropower as its driving force sepert river or waterfall nature by utilizing high (head ) and water discharge

Water flowed through a pipe into the house plants that generally was built on the banks of the river to drive turbines . The mechanical energy from the turbine is converted into electrical energy by a generator .

Micro hydro generating system which to reach the network availability of electrical energy in remote areas .