Light Up The Nation Together

Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi & Papua

The increase in electrical energy needs of Indonesia 8.6 % per year . Mathematically simple , within the next 5 years , it needs new energy supply by 35,000 megawatts .

63% of the electricity supply to the island of Java electrification ratio was already 90 % .

Can not imagine how big the electricity needs for Sulawesi , Kalimantan , Sumatra and Papua . How many resources are needed to illuminate Indonesia .

We're not able to work without the help of others . Let's jointly seize opportunities and face challenges !

Kontraktor PLTMH Jakarta
Energi Terbarukan dari air pegunungan
Renewable energy,
Environmentally friendly

Energy derived from sustainable natural processes quickly restored back naturally in an effort to reduce the use of fossil fuel such as petroleum and coal .

Renewable energy does not cause negative effects on the environment in terms of mining and usage . Using renewable energy does not make polluted earth . This is a major step in controlling global warming , which is one element of environmental degradation .

Our surroundings are also saved when humans are not mine or drill for fossil fuels . This means there are no problems such as oil spills , chemical waste, and trenching and drilling on farmland and desert .

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